Exclusive: The Doomsday Scenario – A Nuclear Iran

Not a member? Family Security Matters does not stand behind or endorse any candidate for president (or any other public office). However, as the President is also Commander-in-Chief and is responsible for setting national security policy, we will be publishing a variety of articles on both the Republican and Democrat candidates for President during this election year. Throughout the Cold War, the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists kept a Doomsday Clock, monitoring how close they thought the world was to catastrophic nuclear destruction, measured as ‘minutes from midnight.' This week Iran tested its first nuclear-capable, long-range missile and moved the hands of the Doomsday Clock a little closer to disaster. Why does a nuclear Iran pose such a unique threat? After all, we already have countries like Pakistan and North Korea in the ‘nuclear club' and while we may not like it, we don't think of it as catastrophic.First, Iran has repeatedly declared its intention to wipe Israel ...
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24.7.08 21:41

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